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November 05, 2018

Functional vision testing

Traditional visual acuity measurements reveal a small part of one’s vision, says OCUSWEEP, a business that has created a new platform for functional vision testing.
According to the Finnish based tech company, a tested good functional vision will allow the individual to act more safely, both at and away from work.
In addition to visual acuity, the size of the visual field, reaction time and contrast vision will affect how the individual functions in, among other areas, traffic and sports.
All the functional aspects of vision can now be tested at once by the OCUSWEEP method.
The customer’s state of vision can be saved in a personal OCUSWEEP vision account with which the monitoring of their vision in the future will be easy - even via mobile.
It is possible to access test results anywhere and anytime and follow up how one’s vision is developing over the years by comparing the latest test results with earlier reports.


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