Cooperation with International Myopia Institute (IMI)

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October 07, 2021

OCULUS has joined the International Myopia Institute (IMI) in tackling myopia awareness and will support the IMI activities to advance the research of myopia to prevent future vision impairment and blindness. In a statement, Christian Kirchhübel, CEO of OCULUS said: “We are delighted about the cooperation. Our mission at OCULUS is to support eye care professionals around the world with cutting-edge, high-tech development. We are dedicated to saving and improving vision and visual performance with our precise, reliable long-lasting measurement solutions.” “We are thrilled to have OCULUS join in our mission to advance research, patient management and education in myopia. Open collaboration and sharing of knowledge globally with eye care practitioners (ECPs) are critical to prevent future myopia-related vision impairment and blindness,” said IMI Executive Director, Dr Monica Jong. “We will continue to bring the latest, evidence-based information directly to all EPCs across the world which would not be possible without our industry supporters.” “There remains much to do in terms of growing myopia awareness and improving both eye care practitioner and the general public’s knowledge of the need and ability to slow myopia progression clinically,” added IMI Chair, Professor Serge Resnikoff. “We are looking forward to continuing to work with OCULUS and all our sponsors in making evidence-based knowledge on myopia treatment and prevention freely available.”


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