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October 31, 2018

BLC® lenses for digital work

Michael Pachleitner has released new BLC® technology designed to protect the eyes from excessive blue light.
The advantages include natural colour perception, better contrast, reduced glare and 100% UV protection.
The lenses featuring the technology relieve stress on the eyes which no longer need to strain, leaving spectacle wearers able to perform longer, according to the company.
BLC® is designed to be good for the eyes, as well as looking good.
In contrast to conventional lenses for use with computers, the blue filter is directly integrated into the glass (rather than being a coating) which eliminates blue-violet reflections.
The Michael Pachleitner Group (MP Group) is an Austrian, owner-managed company specialising in eyewear fashion.
The MP Group has established itself as a full-service provider to the global market with its internationally recognised eyewear brands, modern lens production facilities, and innovative, all-round service for optical retailers.


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