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July 03, 2018

MPO® TOURING Progressive lenses

Launched this Spring, MPO® TOURING progressive lenses are designed to be suited to both leisure activities and driving.

The lens uses the long-distance field to best effect, as well as offering a very large intermediate field. With the help of Spline Monitoring Technology® – or SMT® – the field of vision is extended to the edge of the lens. The surface geometry is homogenised to a maximum in order to ensure immediate adaptation. According to the company, this offers an advantage to anyone wanting a single pair of eyewear with progressive lenses for both safe driving and active leisure activities.

MPO® Touring is an excellent choice for all leisure activities. Whether cycling, hiking or exploring new cities, these progressive lenses offer a sense of freedom and safety. The extra-wide long-distance field and optimum imaging properties ensure sharp vision even with rapid changes in perspective. The transitions between the areas of vision are almost imperceptible.

MPO® (Michael Pachleitner Optics) stands for a new high-quality brand in the optical lens market. Produced by Schulz Optische Fabrik GmbH in Glücksburg in close cooperation with Austrian Optic Technologies (AOTG), Austria‘s market leader for ophthalmic lenses, paramount importance is placed on the level of quality and state-of-the-art production technology behind every lens.


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