key systems designed to offer a total quality performance in the lens edging process

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July 30, 2019

New solutions for increasingly advanced lens edging

This Spring, MEI presented a series of key systems designed to offer its clients a total quality performance in the lens edging process. One of the biggest breakthroughs – according to the company - is the FlawLessFit lens mounting system. Consisting of FlawLessGauge, a new measuring device, to be paired with the existing tracer and integrated with MEI cutting machine software, the FlawLessFit system ensures perfect assembly the first time, making re-machining a thing of the past and eliminating not only the added expense but also the waste it produces. 4QC - MEI’s new automatic quality control system, developed as an upgrade that can be applied to all 4Racer machines, carries out dimensional control of the cut lens, optical center position and cylinder axis after milling, ensuring the total optical quality of the lens produced.
This system allows the lab to certify that every lens delivered meets the specifications, not only in terms of optical parameters but also the shaping process. Additionally, the data acquired during the final inspection contribute to monitoring the machine’s functioning, optimizing maintenance and preventing unforeseen downtime.
Smart Loader, which can be added to the Sphera2Plus, has new, enhanced functions capable of keeping pace with the latest fashion trends. In addition to automatically orienting lens polarization and shading, the new Smart Loader is equipped with an automatic multifunctional illumination system that makes it possible to search for and align other distinctive elements on the lens itself. Thanks to the new Smart Loader, it is possible to produce shaping that is centered relative to pre- existing designs and logos.
Even partially-visible decorative elements are located and perfectly aligned with the cut shape, for excellent aesthetic results.
“The challenge for us is to design machines with ever-greater productivity, reliability and ease of use, while maintaining the technical superiority and quality of service that have consistently set us apart”, remarks Stefano Sonzogni, MEI President and Technical Director. “With these latest innovations that we introduced at MIDO, we have taken another step ahead in this direction, offering our clients the guarantee of total quality in the lens edging process.”

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