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November 07, 2017


Expansion is an ongoing process at MEI, as it returned this year - after 8 years - to Silmo, to unveil the new EzFit TBA compact solution for opticians and labs in an exclusive preview.
In a single unitEzFit TBA combines the functions of EzFit  the all-in-one edger designed to bring edging technology to small labs and retailers – with the inspection process and automatic TBA (Throw the Block Away) loading system. Already in use and widely tested on various models of MEI machines, TBA technology allows the user to control the power and cut without the use of centering blocks. Thanks to an integrated lens loading system that combines inspection, orientation and loading into a single internal process, there is no longer a need for centering blocks. The TBA unit significantly reduces production costs and increases the accuracy of lens centering, without increasing shaping cycle times.
EzFit TBA increases productivity by completely automating the loading process. The new machine uses the same calibration tools as any currently available EzFit and is based on Eyegoal, the dedicated software developed by MEI for EzFit machines.
EzFit was also displayed in its already popular Advanced version, as well as in the recent NoBlock Developer version whose integrated Shape Finder makes it possible to create jobs right in the machine.
Innovation reigns in the area of tools, as well. For the international trade show, the new Shape Finder EVO made its debut. An advanced version of Shape Finder, the optical scanning device designed to improve and complete the functionality of EzFit, it prevents the errors commonly associated with standard camera-based units. Shape Finder EVO combines the features of Shape Finder, a computer, and a bar code reader in a multi-function, user-friendly device. Thanks to the integrated computer, it is possible to take advantage of Internet and Wi-Fi connections to save standard or special jobs directly to the computer or server, as well as modify previous jobsAll of which translates to greater speed of execution and extreme operating ease. Shape Finder EVO is also available in a Blockerversion that allows direct lens blocking.

In addition, the company exhibited the innovative DCU EVO (Direct Calibration Unit EVO), a no-contact measuring system whose integrated computer makes the machine calibration process automatic, fast and independent.

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