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November 14, 2018

EzFit No Block compact solution, for shops and small labs

Italian machinery producer MEI continues its efforts to penetrate the retail sector by promoting its milling technology for shops and small labs and  showcasing EzFit No Block, one of its most successful compact solutions.
The machine will be exhibited at Opti Munich in January 2019.
This technology represents an important achievement for MEI.
The system allows retail stores and small labs to carry out ophthalmic lens edging without water and blocks.
Until now this was only possible with high-output MEI machinery designed for large-scale companies.
Thanks to the milling technology the cutting process becomes “dry” making it easy to dispose of lens debris; the NoBlock module means that EzFit can automatically carry out error-free lens centering without blocks.
The NoBlock includes a lensmeter, Blockless centering system for single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses, and automatic machine loading/ unloading with a dual loading arm. This module allows the next lens to be loaded while the machine is edging the previous lens and, in combination with EzFit, enables the machine operator to correctly position the lens without any specific optical skills and automatically compensating for any errors.
The operator simply positions the lens under a centering system that centers and removes the lens to introduce it in the cutting chamber.
Based on TBA (Throw the Block Away) technology, which is already present in some MEI machines, the NoBlock system streamlines the workflow and makes it even more competitive for retail stores and small labs.
“Industrial companies have stopped using water and centering blocks for some time now and we thought it was important to offer this benefit to smaller companies as well, says MEI CEO and Technical Director, Stefano Sonzogni.
EzFit No Block is part of the EzFit range which also includes the Standard, Advanced and TBA versions: a broad, diversified offer of compact machines that validates the company’s mission to customize its product line to meet the needs of every customer.

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