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July 04, 2018

MEI attended MIDO with two booths again this year. For two years, the Italian manufacturer (known globally for having introduced lens milling technology in the process of shaping ophthalmic lenses) had an exhibit space dedicated entirely to its EzFit retail products, as well as its traditional booth focused on the industrial line of products.

“We made this decision in order to clearly and effectively segment our products and to make sure each machine received the most targeted visibility in the appropriate context”, according to Stefano Sonzogni, MEI President and Technical Director. It is a choice that, above all, confirms and strengthens the company’s efforts to make its milling technology available to small labs and retail optical shops.

MEI dedicated an entire booth in the Lenses pavilion to its compact EzFit, all-in-one edger, designed for small labs and optical shops, that provides the same high levels of quality, reliability, and performance of an industrial machine, while still being extremely easy to operate. Speed, accuracy, processing flexibility and stability during shaping are only some of the benefits of the milling process. These features also allow EzFit to increase throughput, speed up processing times and lower production costs. This translates to a massive advantage for shops that offer 30/60-minute delivery of eyeglasses but often have to deal with a clustering of jobs around their busiest times. EzFit makes it possible to breeze through this peak work period swiftly, ensuring on-time delivery at all times throughout the day, according to the company.

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