LUNEAU launches VX25 REFRACTION, the new short distance display

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October 15, 2019

The VX25 is a new short distance display that can virtually project to infinity, according to the company. When placed at an actual distance of 0.80 m from the patient’s eye behind the Eye Refract, it enables a refraction that is identical to and as precise as a projection to infinity. This refraction solution is also a space saver with a dedicated table (measuring 0.5 m2)
and screen.
The screen is designed to provide optimal results in the examination room thanks to its ergonomic design, streamlined style, and the many tests it offers. It can be used to establish a diagnosis for visual acuity and binocular vision.
VX25 is produced by the Luneau Technology Group, a company dedicated to commercializing high tech equipment for the visual health market.
With the Visionix® brand, a pioneer in wavefront analysis, Luneau Technology offers eye health professionals technology that can be used to quickly and efficiently diagnose vision problems and pathologies which their patients’ eyes may be experiencing.

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