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February 18, 2020

With focus on increasing the use of sustainable materials in its production, Dalloz Creations®, inventor of the patented CRIDAL® SUN LENS material (BPA & Phthalate free lens material) has announced the launch of a new Bio-based lens material: BioNylon.
Dalloz Creations is committing to a more sustainable approach in its production lines and choice of materials. The new BioNylon material by Dalloz Creations is made from an ecological resin derived from castor oil, taking its energy from the bio-mass. The castor plant grows in semi-arid areas and does not compete as a food crop. The production process requires less energy than the production of a classic lens, and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to its purified resin quality.


It’s not a new thing within Dalloz Creations. The move toward sustainability took place some years ago with the first development of the CRIDAL® material: a BPA and Phthalate free and recyclable lens. Located in France, near the mountains, the Dalloz Creations plant is in the heart of a huge natural park.
We are surrounding by nature, forest, mountains and rare wildlife.
Our priority is to increase awareness about sustainable choices, and to develop new products that would lower the carbon footprint.
We believe like many others that everyone can make a difference.
The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and consumers are expecting brands to showcase eco-friendly products.
By launching our new sustainable material, BioNylon, we are confident that eyewear brands will adopt a more eco-conscious and sustainable direction. As examples of sustainable actions, we invested in electrical press for injection, new varnishing machinery improving further the quality, lowering energy consumption. We recycle all our scrap lenses.
We have installed for a while now within the offices LED’s, recycled paper and eco cups. We always have in mind to continue to research and invest in this area for a better future.


We launched at Silmo 2019 this new sustainably sourced lens material. BioNylon material is a highly developed polymer from organically based, renewable raw material made out of castor bean. The eco-responsibility in this material can be seen at many levels. The seeds grow in semi-arid conditions following sustainable farming practices. This crop does not compete with the food chain for humans or animals.
The castor seeds, which provide the main source for the lens material are transformed into pellets and then injected into the lens. The material is resistant to a broad range of chemicals and to stress cracking. To achieve excellence, we have worked hard to match outstanding optical clarity.
The results are there and the material is now available in most of Dalloz Creations’ colours and dimensions complying with international standards.

“This new bio-based material is a step further on the way to sustainability and a belief in a better future”


We have infinite know-how in house and we are very passionate and dedicated employees at every level.
It enables us to have a very high competitive advantage, providing a full range of products and technologies to cover the entire range and needs of our clients. We received great feedback since the launch of BioNylon.
This material is mostly appreciated for its low carbon footprint, easy processing, chemical and fatigue resistance and excellent optical quality.

BioNylon lenses will be presented by fashion and sports brands very shortly.


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