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October 07, 2021

Mimesys, the latest innovation from HORIZONS OPTICAL, is described as an ecosystem of technologies and a real revolution, transforming the whole concept of progressive lenses. By diagnosing gaze dynamics, Mimesys delivers a progressive lens that mimics with the way the patient looks. Mimesys learns, interprets, and creates an ‘ideal’ progressive solution for each individual patient. By carrying out a controlled and noise free clinical user tests, it gathers high-quality aggregated data regarding the changes happening in a patient’s environment. Incorporating the study and interpretation of gaze dynamics, it makes a precise and reproducible diagnosis. Then, using a brand-new design technique, it creates a progressive lens that is tailored to the patient. It is no longer the user that adapts to the progressive lens, but rather the lens that adapts to the user, a paradigm change in how we develop, offer and use progressive lenses. Mimesys is making this technology available to ophthalmic laboratories, allowing them to offer a unique, immersive experience in store using VR, aiming to transform the retail experience as we know it.  


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