ESSILOR® Sun SolutionTM announced new No Ordinary story “Climate Force”

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December 02, 2019

Essilor® Sun SolutionTM, the Essilor Group division dedicated to plano sun lenses, has announced the new No Ordinary story “Climate Force” which is related to a special commitment to environmental protection.
Boglarka is a young Hungarian student who went on a mission to the Arctic to study and raise awareness about climate change.
“The Arctic is amongst the areas most affected by climate change, however, we are far from doing enough for its protection” – the girl said – “I believe this happens due to somewhat of a psychological distance; most of us probably won’t ever witness the changes occurring in the area, and thus people don’t feel the necessity to stand up for this vulnerable ecosystem”.
To face this challenge, appropriate technical equipment was required.
To allow Boglarka to enjoy the snow-covered Arctic landscapes while also being protected, she was provided with a pair of NATIVE sunglasses equipped with sun lenses with E-SunTM PolarfunTM technology.
Boglarka has always been committed to environmental protection.
In June 2019, she went on an assignment in the Arctic to study its ecosystem and to raise awareness about climate change. She was accepted as a member of the last “2041 ClimateForce Arctic expedition”. The purpose of this expedition was to issue a warning and inform people about the impacts of climate change in the Arctic regions.
She wants to encourage people to open their eyes and see the results of what human action causes on a daily basis. Through participating in this challenge, Boglarka also wants to inspire young people to believe in themselves.
She wants to stir the desire in everyone to start showing concern for the environment, to learn about it, to make a daily commitment to protect it and to make us understand that our actions, even the smallest ones, contribute to the environmental cause.

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