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January 31, 2019

Supporting a father-daughter expedition

Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to plano sun lenses has announced its support of an expedition designed to highlight the issues relating to global warming.
Clara Dumard and her father Christian attempted a 3-month expedition across the Northwest Passage to highlight concerns over climate change.
The duo embarked on the adventure in July 2018 aboard an 11.40m fiberglass Sun fast 37 sailboat, reinforced for Arctic sailing, which they named “Happy Trip”.
A year of work and preparation was needed to prepare for this ambitious expedition to set the record for crossing the Northwest Passage, without assistance or stopovers.
Lasting 3 months, the father and daughter crew made two crossings of the North Atlantic and two crossings of the Baffin Sea.
Overall, they sailed 9000 miles together, including 3500 above the Arctic circle, where they could only sail without a motor.
“It was a great opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our environment, our oceans and to make everyone think about how to take positive action...”
Clara and Christian planned their departure carefully, as a smooth crossing depends on the melting ice. Unfortunately, for the first time, the Northwest Passage remained blocked. The pack ice in north-western Greenland has melted twice in 2018, causing sheets of ice to drift towards Lancaster Sound and blocking the Northwest Passage.
While the final crossing could not go ahead, Clara and her father nevertheless lived an extraordinary human adventure while raising public awareness about the issue of global warming.

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