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October 11, 2017

NXT® material – Essilor Sun Solution’s dedicated polymer for sunwear - combines the optimal optical clarity of a mineral lens with the lightweight qualities and impact resistance of an organic lens. Furthermore, according to the company, an NXT® sun lens does not rule out any type of edging or mounting, letting creativity flow.
The lenses available in the Essilor® Sun Solution™ NXT® portfolio are divided into four unique ranges (also available in Rx):
NXT® embedded: in all NXT® sun lenses the dyes are embedded directly in the polymer mass. This ensures ultimate colour precision, uniformity in colour, even with prescription lenses (semi-finished), and increased durability of the colour which won’t fade over time.
NXT® Varia™: photochromic molecules are embedded directly in the polymer mass. There are two key benefits: optimal photochromic control and perfect adaptation to specific environments. Thanks to the distinctive molecular structure of these lenses combined with their production technology, NXT® Varia™ sun lenses are also available in two versions:
1)    Varia™ Driving: active even from behind the car windshield, for drivers
2)    Varia™ Winter Sports: active even at low temperatures, for winter sports enthusiasts
NXT® Polarized: polarized film enclosed between two layers of NXT® material promotes ideal clarity of vision and better efficiency against blinding reflective glare
NXT® Polarized Varia™: optimal photochromic control and maximum protection against blinding glare. In short, all the NXT® technologies in one lens!

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