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October 28, 2019

Webinars give online access to expert views on dry eye disease

A series of exclusive webinars are giving BCLA members across the world the chance to discover different perspectives on the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease, from the comfort of their own sofa.
One of the BCLA ‘Evening Scientific Meetings’ has been presented as an online webinar, meaning members can tune in for free wherever they are in the world. The session, entitled ‘Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist; Different perspectives on dry eye disease diagnostic and management strategies’ was hosted by Sarah Farrant and Indy Sian.
Jonathon Bench, president of the BCLA, said: “The recent BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition showed the worldwide appeal of the organisation. “We have a truly global membership and as part of our ongoing commitment to give our members access to the very latest research and opinion around contact lenses and the ocular surface, it makes perfect sense to make use of the technology available to us and embrace online webinars. “By connecting our membership through online sessions we can deliver accessible education to all.” Dry eye disease is an increasingly common phenomenon and has become one of the most frequent causes of patient visits to eye care practitioners.
This webinar offered a general overview of the latest guidance on dry eye disease from the TFOS DEWS II report and set out how dry eye management differs between community and hospital settings. It explained how the two groups can work together to support patients with a wide spectrum of dry eye disease. Several case studies highlighting different types of dry eye disease were presented to highlight the differing approaches to investigation, diagnosis and management of dry eye. The webinar is designed to offer a better understanding of the latest evidence of the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease and learn how to investigate, diagnose and treat patients complaining of symptoms of dry eye disease.


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