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February 09, 2023

In response to market demand, Divel Italia, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of its production site, is now producing lenses and sun filters using increasing percentages of organic materials and environmentally sustainable byproducts. Following the company’s research and projects in 2019 concerning lens waste, which focused on post-production disposal, Divel Italia has launched their environmentally sustainable lens.
“At Divel Italia, we’ve developed a new material for our GREEN LINE collection: POLYCARBONATE Eco, an extremely lightweight, versatile product that is ideally suited to meeting your every need in terms of quality and environmental sustainability….”
Divel says that POLYCARBONATE Eco is an excellent “sustainable” solution, as a high-performance product that is lightweight, versatile, and durable, while also respecting the environment’s natural cycles. The use of second-generation renewable resources minimizes waste, CO2 emissions (an estimated 61% less for every kg of eco-PC produced) and consumption of fossil-based materials (an estimated 35% less than other products). It also reduces the production of new plastic (thanks to the mix and reuse of Pe/PP/PET, etc.). Divel Italia recommends its POLYCARBONATE Eco lenses as being suitable for any type of frame based on the polycarbonate characteristics. To be fully sustainable, the company also recommends pairing the lenses with frames that are also made from sustainable materials.


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