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May 17, 2018

Italian lens expertise

DIVEL has introduced its new generation Blue Natural lens, designed to offer the highest visual protection in any environment. Blue light can have many harmful effects on the eye, including redness and irritation, ocular dryness, and blurred vision. It may eventually lead to eye diseases such as keratitis, according to the company.
The innovative Blue Natural lens acts as a protective filter over the eye and absorbs these potentially harmful light radiations. Designed to shield against light radiation up to 420nm, it blocks UV rays and high-energy blue light, whilst still allowing regular blue light to pass and be perceived as normal colour. 
Divel Italia is also well-known for the Aurora 4D, a progressive lens created by means of constant updates in the Aurora technology and continued investments in R&D. The Aurora 4D has been constructed with a variable inset and the progressive lens can be further customised in line with the morphological and functional differences of the individual, whether right or left handed. The Aurora 4D is available in two basic designs that will suit the most common vision needs: the 4D Ottima and the 4D Ampia.


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