Digital lenses launched by CALEDONIAN OPTICAL

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May 03, 2022

Ophthalmic manufacturer Caledonian Optical has launched a new range of lenses which use the latest digital technology to create bespoke glasses for every lifestyle, including drivers, office workers, smartphone users and even hillwalkers. Designed to improve both vision and comfort for customers, the Aberdeen-based laboratory is the first manufacturer in Scotland to provide Digital Ray Path 2 lenses across its whole product range. The new range was created for work and leisure use in response to consumer trends, demand for choices to suit modern lifestyles and a desire to enhance the user’s experience of their eyewear. The updated technology works across Caledonian Optical’s current suite of lens products but with enhanced features to improve vision and comfort. 
The Digital Ray Path 2 lenses minimise the effect of oblique aberrations and are optimised for the wearer’s entire accommodative object space, with virtual elimination of peripheral blur. The result is thinner, lighter Ultra HD lenses which are customised for the individual parameters of each customer, including material, base curve and frame. Mark Robertson, head of manufacturing at Caledonian Optical said: “The Digital Ray Path 2 acts as an ultra-HD lens, sharpening focus, eliminating blurring at the edges and minimising the ‘swim effect’, while adopting a thinner and lighter design for a high-quality finish.” Caledonian Optical specialises in premium digital lenses, offering an extensive range of lnses to suit individual’s needs. From single vision lenses to occupational and varifocals, there are many options to choose from. In addition to driving and screen usage lenses, there are lenses that help balance near and far distance and personalised bespoke lenses, calculated to personal parameters for high precision focus.
Established in 1976, Caledonian Optical has grown to be one of the UK’s leading labs for the latest and innovative digital lenses using free-form technology.

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