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October 15, 2020

Sun lenses can be produced in many colours, shapes, and materials, using different state-of-the-art technologies. At Dalloz Creations, the new polarized lens in BioNylon is designed in line with the latest trends and promises technical features that are both innovative and respectful of the need to be more environmentally oriented. According to Dalloz Creations, the company has taken a step further into sustainability, looking forward to create a better future. Initiated a few years ago with the reduction of its CO2 emissions, Dalloz Creations implemented the use of electrical injection molding machines and enhanced collaborations with local suppliers. Dalloz Creations’ focus is also on zero waste and all the rejected lenses are recycled in several ways. Moreover, all lenses are made on demand with a zero-stock policy.

Polarized sun lenses

The Polarized sun lenses produced in BioNylon provide all the benefits of the polar technology in what aims to be a more responsible material: a plant-based resin. Suitable for fashion and sport, this polar bio-based lens is reducing the lens firm’s carbon footprint compared to production of a regular petroleum-based polar lens.
Efficiently eliminating glare and disturbing reflections, the polarized lenses by Dalloz Creations have been studied to increase the individual’s capacity to anticipate situations, by enhancing vision. They also decrease eye fatigue while increasing visual comfort. The benefits are obvious in any sunny, rainy or snowy conditions says the company. With this innovative combination of sustainable material and technical feature, Dalloz Creations continues its journey in developing high-performance products with a carefully reduced environmental footprint.


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