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September 19, 2019

A pioneer in thermoplastic sun lenses, Dalloz Creations® has been the first company in the Eyewear industry to design, produce and distribute Polycarbonate plano lenses under the brand “CridalonTM”.

The Techline range is the central pillar and expertise of Dalloz Creations®, with the main strategy focused on innovation.
Internationally well known for its patented technologies, every year Dalloz Creations® launches new innovations including a highly diverse range of sun lenses and shields applied to the sports market.
Most of the developments are personalized and adapted according to the demand of the clients. Focused on high quality products for premium brands, Dalloz Creations® has the ability to suggest innovative and original techniques to respond to the needs of the market. With production based in France exclusively, the company transforms ideas into high-performing, trustworthy products.

Dalloz Creations® polarized lenses have the benefit of filtering out the glare (reflected light) off cars, water, pavements, snow and sand.
This lens technology works well for any activity where high glare conditions exist.

Only polarized lenses truly eliminate glare; they also offer the following additional benefits:
• Greater eye comfort
• True colour perception
• Unmatched clarity of vision
• Superior abrasion resistance


INNER MIRROR Polarized and unbreakable lens designed to protect you from glare. Scratch proof long lasting mirror. Homogeneity of the mirror colour on every lens produced, easy cleaning, no crazing on lens fitting, effective against all splattering.
No corrosion on the outside of the lens.
Theses lenses are recommended for activities on water when the perception of the blue colour is important and also for extreme conditions and for extended wear such as hiking, fishing, kitesurfing, paddling, rafting, wind surfing, canoeing....
UV400, they comply with the 3 main international standards / FC3 for total protection.
Photochromic lenses: reacting to light, the tint of the sun lens adapts to the amount of light. Dalloz Creations® has one of the most efficient photochromic lenses as it lightens and darkens in a few seconds, more rapidly than most existing products on the market.
Optimized lenses: all the benefits of polar technology without some of the inconveniences. Only cutting- out a proportion of polarized light after it hits a flat, reflective surface. It is sometimes useful to detect certain reflections to prevent accidents for example, where there is ice. This is why Dalloz Creations® developed an optimized lens, a solar lens with a limited polarized effect that limits glare and allows the detection of reflection to prevent danger.
We are proud to release at Silmo 2019 a new long-life Anti- fog treatment, one of the most innovative and performance- enhancing Anti-fog treatments of the market.
One of our X’trem anti-fog features is that it is more scratch-resistant than conventional antifog and compatible with mirror coating.
The fog is wiped away for more than 60 seconds compared to the majority of anti-fog coatings which have a timespan of 8 seconds according to the norm EN168.


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