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October 15, 2020

CooperVision has upgraded its free, multifunctional app, OptiExpert™, to deliver an enhanced user experience across all aspects, making contact lens selection easier. The next-generation OptiExpert™ now includes a smart prescription calculator, provides greater product recommendations, and is delivered through a more intuitive design. Designed and built by CooperVision, OptiExpert™ has helped support contact lens practice – putting a range of tools at the fingertips of today’s practitioners to aid decision-making and support patient success with contact lenses. OptiExpert™ is now available in more than 80 countries and 17 languages worldwide, with more than 30,000 monthly unique users across the world, including 6000 users across the UK & ROI.
Commenting on the improvements, Krupa Patel, Head of Professional Services said: “Since first launching OptiExpert™ in 2014, our aim has been to create a tool that helps eyecare practitioners deliver the best experience for their patients through supporting the process of assessing the contact lens prescription and selection of product options. This recent upgrade has taken into consideration the views of the global eye care community to find out exactly how we can improve the app to make it even more useful to practitioners. This latest generation of OptiExpert™ is now simpler to use than ever before and can be easily navigated by the whole practice team. The smart prescription calculator in particular will speed up the initial lens selection process saving valuable time, which is incredibly important in the current circumstances”.

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