Biofinity®  XR toric

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October 07, 2021

Building on success with toric contact lenses, CooperVision has introduced a broader range of expanded parameters for its Biofinity® XR toric contact lenses. The substantial addition of sphere powers from ±10.50D to ±20.00D nearly doubles the number of available prescription options specific to this lens to 32,796, making it easier for eye care professionals to fit virtually any astigmatic patient. “This latest addition to the Biofinity® portfolio highlights our commitment to supporting eye care professionals to enable even more of their patients to enjoy the freedom and confidence that contact lenses bring” said Mark Draper, Director of Marketing and National Accounts, CooperVision UK & Ireland. “The Biofinity® family of contact lenses now has over 20x more prescription options than any other family of soft contact lenses from other main manufacturers.” Biofinity® XR toric is a fully cast-moulded made-to-order lens that features Optimised Toric Lens Geometry, which provides the same uniform horizontal ISO thickness and optimised ballast band design as Biofinity® toric. To help streamline the fitting process and minimise chair time, CooperVision offers the OptiExpert® fitting app. This easy-to-use app includes a toric calculator which calculates and suggests the recommended Biofinity® toric or Biofinity® XR toric contact lens for each patient.

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