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December 11, 2020

CooperVision puts the consumer ‘front and centre’ with its latest campaign, ‘@home@play’. Celebrating the everyday, whether that’s a new way of working or relaxing ‘@home’ or enjoying or discovering new ways to be ‘@play’ during lockdown periods, the campaign highlights the freedom that wearing contact lenses can bring, whatever wearers are doing, wherever they are. Despite the robustness of the category, contact lens sales in April dipped by around 7% on last year primarily as a result of consumers spending more time at home. Research commissioned by CooperVision showed that during the spring COVID lockdown period in the UK, a third (33%) of contact lens wearers reduced frequency of wear because they were giving their eyes a ‘break’ and just under a third (29%) hadn’t worn their contact lenses as usual as they only need them for socialising. In addition, 28% reported that they only need their contact lenses for work or other activities. CooperVision’s research does show that contact lens wearers claim they are ready to return to their pre-COVID wearing patterns as stores start to reopen. The @home@play digital campaign is designed to give those returning lapsed wearers a nudge into action, even whilst regional lockdowns may continue throughout the winter. Running via Facebook, Instagram and digital display advertising throughout the winter, the campaign will feature a number of light-hearted scenarios, contrasting staying in with going out. The ‘@home@play’ campaign will encourage lapsed contact lens wearers to rediscover the freedom of contact lenses, hopefully recognising themselves or others in these cheerful moments. Lapsed wearers will be encouraged to contact their optician via the online CooperVision store locator.

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