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October 29, 2018

New course in Ortho-K

Eye care professionals with an interest in Ortho-K can take advantage of a new course being launched as part of a collaboration between the BCLA and The Hong Kong Academy of Orthokeratology.
The comprehensive Orthokeratology Continuing Education (OKCE) course will be aimed at practitioners who wish to start offering Ortho-K treatment in their practice, or who have recently started their Ortho-K journey and is expected to feature a range of online and didactic lectures, lab sessions, seminars and exams.
It will share the same 12 learning goals as the exam route OKCE which is for practitioners with five or more years of Ortho-K practice.
The first 12 delegates (experienced Ortho-K practitioners in China) have already begun their studies towards the qualification – which includes an element of hands-on laboratory sessions and sees participants spending up to five days attending lab sessions, selected didactic lectures at BCLA conferences, case reports, and taking a written and practical exam.
The BCLA has given its backing to the course and plans are in place to launch an extended global roll-out of the content via an online digital platform.

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