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January 17, 2018

aLC-100 Lens Checker

The aLC-100 Lens Checker allows the optician to easily discover scratches, impurities, distortions or other defects on either contact lenses, spectacle lenses or lens blanks.

As an example, this feature allows Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) to alert patients about the necessity of a new set or upgraded services by showing the actual condition of their lenses on a monitor - right before their eyes.
By changing the illumination pattern, the ECP can find scratches, coating damages or lens distortions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The aLC-100 is equipped with Dark-field and Bright-field microscopy to perform these tasks, at the push of a button. Also, it can be connected to a PC or Windows tablet through its built-in USB interface.

The aLC-100 Lens Checker is a useful tool for the observation of progressive identifier marks imprinted on the lens surface by manufacturers. Those marks provide useful information, such as lens type, fabrication material, and manufacturer code number.

Best of all, ECPs can save the captured image or video data locally by using the provided software, which proves useful for keeping electronic records of the customers’ lens usage or for quality control purposes at the lens processing lab.

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