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May 16, 2022

Attitude, Desio’s best known collection, sees the addition of new 3-tone daily lenses this season, following reported success of the Attitude 3-tone quarterly. The lenses are available in plano version (without diopters) and with diopters to correct myopia and hyperopia. The lens pattern, obtained by recreating the natural pigmentation of the eye, is inspired by central heterochromia, a condition of the iris characterized by the presence of a central circle in a different colour to the external colour. In the Attitude 3-tone lenses, the full colour at the extremity fades gently towards the pupil, giving intensity and naturalness to the gaze.The lens changes the original colour of the iris, even in the case of very dark eyes, but giving “a realistic and natural result” overall, according to the company. The new 3-tone Attitude daily lenses are available in four unique colours of Irresistible Blue, Charming Green, Tender Hazel and Precious Grey. “Attitude, since its launch on the market, has represented a real turning point in the world of colored contact lenses,” explains Tereza Uhrova, CEO & founder of Desio - This type of colored lens is easy to apply, extremely comfortable to wear even for several hours and is well tolerated even by sensitive eyes. The success achie- ved with the quarterly version, one of our best- sellers, led us to create Attitude in 3 tones also in the daily version: a perfect solution for those who want to change their eye color often, for those who approach this type of product for the first time and for those who wear colored lenses only on certain occasions”. Natural, comfortable and described as safe, Desio products are described as high quality ophthalmologically tested products which are CE certified and cleared by the American FDA 510K. Behind Desio lenses, is Qualimed, an Italian company that, since 2011, has been producing and distributing colored contact lenses in Italy and around the world.


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