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March 05, 2020

Jessica Chen, Commercial Director, Polyray

As the company continues to position itself as an innovator in products developed with high-tech lens materials and cutting-edge technologies, 20/20 Europe asked Jessica Chen - Commercial Director of Polyray - to explain the focus for 2020 and beyond.

Q: How has the company evolved over the last 5 years?

A: We are a manufacturer of world-class sunglass lenses offering exclusive products with high technical and stylistic quality for different eyewear segments including Fashion, Lifestyle, Sport and Military. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of sunglass lenses, we understand our market and customers’ demands and we have gained a reputation as a well-respected and premium sunglass lens supplier. Our ambition has always been to create a lean organizational structure, to disrupt the traditional way of doing things and to quickly adapt to change. As a leading sun lens supplier, the key point is that the continuous collaboration and interaction with our international and domestic customers, working together as their lens support centre and testing laboratory, allows us to develop a 360° fast and flexible reaction approach – from product development to delivery to reach an unparalleled level of quality for our customers.

Q: What defines Polyray in 2020 and what is your primary focus this year?

A: Since the foundation of the company, Polyray has been very active in the field of research and innovation. It is part of our DNA and our customers expect this from us. In 2020, one of our key goals is continue to explore new high- tech lens materials and cutting-edge technologies which allow us to achieve maximum functionality, quality and diversity in the industry and to expand the concept of ‘1 lens, couple functions, ∞ vision’. Meanwhile, we pay a lot more attention to emerging, overarching concepts, and prepare for a constantly changing industry, always seeking newness without compromising on commercial success.

Q: Polyray describes itself as a “trendsetter” in the sunglass lens industry and is collaborating with a leading trend-forecasting authority. Explain this collaborative project.

A: Polyray is a pioneer in the study and application of lens colours and trends. Polyray has been anticipating the market desires and setting the trends to satisfy the needs of our customers thanks to the long-term collaboration with the innovative and creative vision of our trend partner, Trendstop. We look at market developments and emerging consumer mindsets, analyze the evolution of colour for sun lenses and work together with global designers from diverse sectors to develop core collections and numerous micro- collections every year for Fashion, Lifestyle and Sport Performance eyewear. Each collection is a veritable tool for eyewear designers and colour specialists to associate colours and create unlimited, inspiring and eye- catching products.

Q: Sustainability is a key area of development in optics. What is the impact on Polyray? What can you tell us about Polyray bio lenses?

A: At Polyray, our environmental awareness has moved with the times. Rethinking our business around sustainability has led to important results in terms of production transformation and the innovation of products deriving from natural and environmental friendly material. Polyray has been trying to improve all aspects that can minimize the environmental impact for a long time. Our efforts have been directed towards improvements in waste management and energy-efficiency projects. We have now taken steps to build a smart manufacturing plant that employs software-integrated and data-analyzing technology in order to facilitate production management and support sustainability. Polyray has anticipated market needs and dynamics to develop a certified Bio-lens in the optics market, a product with technical characteristics equivalent to conventional fossil- derived products but with a much higher bio-based content up to about 60%. Our bio-origin lenses are made up from plant-derived isosorbide. The material is an alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics and contains 0% BpA and is proven to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 produced.

Q: What can we expect to see among your launches at MIDO?

A: At MIDO, apart from the official launch of our Bio-lens, Polyray is also introducing the 2021 Spring Summer Sunlens Collection for Fashion and Lifestyle, featuring a beautiful selection of refreshed spring/summer shades and inspiring creativities in terms of various shapes and geometrics. This will offer opportunity for eyewear companies and designers who seek the creativity and inspiration of Polyray sunglass lenses.

Q: What is your vision for the future of the sun lens market and the company in this respect?

A: I believe that our world and market is constantly evolving with immediate changes and diversity, and with that, we need a constant and considered approach to help us think ahead in order to provide fresh concepts and contribute to the development of our customers’ future collections. At Polyray, we will continue to concentrate on using our advantages to offer the best product experience for our customers; a strong brand DNA paired with personal service and the expertise on the key elements of lenses. Our goal for the future is to grow the company in a sustainable way, staying true to our mission and keeping a strong focus on product development, quality and customer service to match new challenges and opportunities.


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