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March 05, 2018

\\ Colour inspiration and research & development at Polyray HQ

The sun lens company “Thinking ahead, making changes
every day”

Polyray, the sun lens company, is experiencing its best moment of success in the company history. The second generation has stepped in with new innovative ideas and a modern way of thinking, while taking a global view of the countless new challenges of the market and leading the company towards future-oriented solutions and services. Chen Yu-Hsiang, CEO of Polyray, explains in this interview the successes of the present and his plans for the future.

Each collection and pair of lenses is the result of an ongoing R&D process that harmonizes passion, innovation and creativity with the cutting-edge technology. 
Chen Yu-Hsiang, CEO of Polyray

Q: Polyray is a company that has been manufacturing lenses for three decades. What defines the company? What is the DNA of its products?

A: With more than three decades of dedication and profession in the sun lens industry, our biggest competitive advantage is our vertically-integrated business model, which connects the entire value chain to be a leading position in the market: design, product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales along with the National accredited laboratory, allowing fast reaction to market change and providing more constructive dialogue and customized service with a wide range of partners who have different tastes and needs, all over the world. The lenses are our focus. Each design uniquely reflects our experience, passion, innovation and creativity which unquestionably are at the core of the DNA of our brand. The way we work with and imagine new combinations strongly contributes to the originality of our designs.

Q: In which markets does Polyray currently operate? Where do you have a more significant presence?

A: The main production plant is based in China, now we are present in four continents and over 40 countries, and we work consistently with the Fashion, Luxury, Sport and Military sectors, including leading eyewear brands and groups, individual designers, lens importers and material suppliers across the world. Thanks to all the resources we have accumulated from our experiences and the perfect location here in Asia, the company gains more insights not only for international communication but also for the fast growing Asian markets, to solidify its position in every market where it operates. 

Q: What is the engine that drives Polyray’s innovation?

A: ‘Thinking ahead, making changes everyday’- this is the primary driving force which leads us to think differently and act fast. Polyray has always been active in Research & Product Development, from raw material to lens technology. We have invested and engaged the automation systems in the factories since 2014 in order to offer exclusive, comprehensive services with highly technical and stylistic quality products for our customers.

Q: At the present time, what are Polyray’s flagship products?

A: With a spirit of excellence in Polyray’s business, each collection and each pair of lenses is the result of an ongoing R&D process that harmonizes passion, innovation and creativity with the cutting-edge technology.
Polyray works with 5,000+ colour and pattern references for fashion eyewear. As for Sport, each sport has a functional need with a mix of technology for specific usage condition, for instance, polarization, photochromic, anti-fog and colour enhancing. With unparalleled expertise in lens manufacturing, Polyray has great experience in improving optical performance and develop the best solutions for the customers’ needs.

Q: What could you tell us about the next edition of Mido? How will Polyray be represented in this edition of the Italian fair?

A: Mido has always been the most exciting fair for us to launch our new collection and to meet our partners from all over the world. In Mido 2018, first we will surprise the visitors with a whole new brand image and booth design. Our new fashion portfolios will continue to intensify the wearer’s experience of colour, shape and contrast.

Q: How do you see the future of sun lenses? Where is Polyray projected?

A: The future can be easily concluded with the slogan of our brand – ‘1 lens. couple functions. ∞ visions’ – we believe that the possibilities of sun lenses are infinite. What makes us different from others is that we are curious, open-minded and imaginative towards our own creation - we will never cease to continue defining future standards in the sun lens business and to protect and enhance the eyes of people by developing innovative solutions that allow people to see better, look better, perform better and most importantly, to feel better. 


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