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February 01, 2023

\\ Giovanni Spreafico, Director of Marketing

MEI will present the CoreTBA at MIDO this month, a new All-In-One Block-free Digital Lens Generator. 20/20 EUROPE spoke to Giovanni Spreafico, Director of Marketing, ahead of the launch.

Q: What have been the key events/new releases of 2022?

A: 2022 was an important year for MEI. Almost all the key trade fairs took place again after the pandemic (first of all, MIDO), and we came back to meet customers and show our latest solutions. In 2022, we proudly introduced to the market the CoreTBA, our new revolutionary All-in-one, Block-free lens generator.

Q: How has the expansion of MEI progressed?

A: At the beginning of 2022, we officially opened our new branch in Tokyo, Japan. Moreover, we consolidated our presence in Asia with a customer service office in India. We are now working on expanding our presence in other areas to be as close as possible to our customers worldwide. For the distribution of our EasyFit Trend lens edger, we also partnered with companies in Portugal, Germany, UK, Romania and Israel to guarantee a local presence for our customers.

Q: In July, you announced the partnership with Shamir in Portugal. Can you remind us about this agreement and how it has been received so far?

A: The partnership with Shamir Portugal is focusing on the distribution of the EasyFit Trend, our block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs, in the Portuguese optical market. The collaboration is great and the results are very good so far; we hope to continue spreading the MEI brand in Portugal in the future.

“This new machine represents a game changer in the industry and a revolution in the lens generation process…”

\\ The new CoreTBA

Q: As we approach MIDO, what will be the most important news for the fair?

A: At MIDO 2023, MEI is officially presenting the CoreTBA, the new All-In-One Block-free Digital Lens Generator. This new machine represents a game changer in the industry and a revolution in the lens generation process. With its Block-free system, for the first time in history, labs can avoid using tapes, blocks, and wax, or Alloy. This means that it’s not necessary to have taping, de-taping, blocking, and de-blocking machines in the production line anymore. Moreover, with its Dry Cut technology, the CoreTBA doesn’t need a water filtering system and helps customers save money and protect the environment. CoreTBA includes seven essential stages of the lens production process in one single unit, with the smallest footprint on the market. All processes, from the digital generation, through the engraving, polishing, and washing, are integrated into one unit. In order to achieve a short machining cycle, all processes occur in parallel, and every section of the unit is fed by a tray conveyor system and digitally controlled loading arms.

Q: MEI’s operations are also consolidating in the USA. Comment please.

A: North America is our primary market, and we are consolidating our presence day after day. We now have a team of more than 50 people at our official branch in Wood Dale, IL, and we have customer service offices in California and Texas. Big news will follow in the next months.

\\ MEY System, Italy

Q: Which machine by MEI was the international bestseller in 2022, and should we expect that to continue this year?

A: Along with the great success of our industrial lens edging machines for medium and big labs, we are especially happy about the sales increase of our EasyFit Trend, our block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. Day after day, the optical retail market is discovering the advantages of the benefits guaranteed by the block-less, dry-cut milling technology. We are hoping and expecting that this trend will continue in 2023.

Q: At the beginning of 2023, What can you predict in terms of short-term goals and successes, and how do you view the next 12 months ahead?

A: Our goal for 2023 is to start introducing the CoreTBA, our innovative block-free lens generator, into the optical market. It is a big challenge because it completely revolutionizes the lens generation process as it’s been in the last 30 years. Still, we are confident that our customers will understand the significant advantages of this new technology.

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