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October 04, 2018

\\ The Facet lens by DIVEL ITALIA

Brando Marraccini, General Manager of Divel Italia

Divel Italia is synonymous with passion, research and made in Italy.
The manufacturer of high quality lenses faces the future with optimism, supported by the security of half a century of success.

Brando Marraccini, General Manager of the company talked to 20/20 Europe about Italian heritage, good taste and passion in optics.

Q: Which adjectives define Divel?

A: Innovative, transparent and excellent. Innovative because we were the first, throughout our company history, to embrace and to harness new technology. We are transparent because we are loyal to our customers; creation is as important as the final product, and we are completely transparent about our work practices. Finally, excellent since in craftsmanship, we seek perfection, often using unconventional design practices to achieve high reliability and medical efficacy. High quality and pure design are the main characteristics of Divel lenses.

Q: What is the profile of your main clients?

A: Divel works for companies, distributors and opticians through a network of Italian and foreign branches (in addition to two production plants in Asia) that allow us to take care of relationships with our customers in the main geographical areas. Divel has two main business units: sun lenses and ophthalmic lenses. The two products are dedicated to two different customers. In the sunglasses market, Divel operates in the high / luxury segment collaborating with the most important sunglasses brands and manufacturers in the world. Our customers are mainly looking for innovative products for the design and for the technology. As for ophthalmic lenses, Divel works with two types of customers: optical shops, mainly in Italy and in countries where our Divel branches are located, and distributors, in the other markets.

Q: Which are the key moments in the company’s history?

A: Divel Italia was born at the end of World War II in the heart of Emilia Romagna as a manufacturer of sun lenses, making use of the region’s natural gas deposits to melt glass. In the mid-1970s, we became one of the first European manufacturers to make organic CR39 plastic lenses. This contributed to the expansion of the company until the 90s where, alongside sun lenses, ophthalmic lenses were introduced. The continuous evolution, research, and improvement of the products have brought Divel to achieve important results both as a producer and as a company, with the introduction of lenses like Aurora 4D and Blue Natural, and the opening of a production plant in Shanghai, Albania, and France, for example.


Q: What about Divel´s innovative technology?

A: Of course our Aurora 4D, a progressive lens, is the result of the constant and intense research of Divel laboratories. It is a personalized comfortable lens designed to meet the needs of those who wear it. Another of the main products is Blue Natural, a technological lens, designed to protect the eye from radiation from high energy blue light (HEV), coming from LED electronic devices. In the field of sun lenses, we have produced the Facet lens, a three-dimensional design that explores geometries for an unconventional look, and the Tricolor, a lens made through a union of three colours that go from the light to dark or the Shimmer, a lens with reflections creating iridescent, light games and bright shades.


Q: Could you describe your expansion worldwide?

A: Divel has seven branches in Italy, 2 RX production plants and company premises in France, Albania, Greece, and China (opened in 2013). Divel Shangai is the first production site of Divel in the Far East; from here we sell our lenses worldwide through official distributors in many countries in the following regions: North Africa, the EU, Eastern Europe and Asia. Optical fairs are also very important for Divel. We are always present at Mido, Silmo, Vision Expo New York, Opti Munich and HKTDC Optical Fair Hong Kong.


Q: Where would you like Divel to be in the next 10 years?

A: We want to make Divel a recognizable brand in the field of optics, appreciated for reliability, medical efficacy, technological innovation, and design. We would like to expand the distribution range in our lenses. In 10 years Divel aims to become an even more solid reality, even more competitive with an authentic personality. We plan to expand the distribution network to reach new markets and at the same time we will continue to develop innovative sun and ophthalmic lens products.


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