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Author: Ester Alonso

Interview of the Month
February 21, 2019

Tereza Uhrova, CEO

Desio means “desire” in Latin and the fundamental desire of this brand, since it was launched in Mido 2012, has been to make women and men more beautiful and more satisfied with themselves, therefore happier.

Today the Italian company is present in more than 98 countries. Tereza Uhrova, CEO at Qualimed, the manufacturer of the Desio brand, spoke to 20/20 Europe about the firm's projects and future plans.

Q: Why was Desio born?

A: In 2011, the year in which Desio first began, the coloured contact lens market was quite small and there was limited competition. Not only due to coloured contact lenses being a niche product but also because for all the international and well-known manufacturers of contact lenses, coloured contact lenses are considered a “side dish”; all of them concentrate on clear contact lenses. Almost all of them have never tried any type of product modification in terms of pattern design, colours and presentation. In our minds, coloured contact lenses are beauty accessories (however they are still considered a medical device) and should be presented in a way that attracts a potential user. The packaging enables us to achieve a positive first impact.

Q: What can you tell us about Qualimed?

A: Qualimed, Desio's manufacturer, is a small company led by people who love what they do, with stable objectives and firm rules. Qualimed’s philosophy is to work with nice, kind-hearted people, within the company and outside in its customer base.
It is not a priority to sell no matter what. We wish to cooperate with partners who understand our philosophy and the Desio concept, and those who are able to respect that even though colour contact lenses are beauty products, they are still medical devices and strict guidelines must be followed.

Q: What is the main market for Desio lenses?

A: Desio coloured contact lenses are distributed across Europe, Middle East, South America, and the United States; the biggest markets are the Middle East and the US. The women in the Middle East understand that the eyes are the focal point of their face and where the attention is always drawn to, therefore, accepting that if any make-up is to be used, the eyes should never be ignored. Desio is present at luxury stores in Dubai, such as Paris Gallery and Grand Optic, and in Kuwait, Hassan’s Optician Co. Desio is also in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Q: What is Desio's customer profile?

A: Definitely all of the customers are beauty lovers, who appreciate the guarantee of quality and wish to improve their look.
From our sales statistics, we know 70% are female, 30% are men. All those customers frequently visit beauty clinics, to have their hair done, nails, eyebrows and other beauty procedures. Generally they are customers looking for natural effects when wearing coloured contact lenses and those looking for comfortable and secure products. All our colours have been studied to cover and transform - in a natural way - even the darkest natural eye colours. Finally, they tend to be customers who are looking for ‘transformation’. Green and blue-eyed customers are less common wearers.

Q: Is Desio selling online?

A: The Desio strategy is to sell through two online stores alone: one in Italy and another for international customers and this is how we will continue. Over the past years, hundreds of local and international online stores have requested Desio lenses but we have always refused. Our customer service team is available in six languages - English, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Italian. We believe that there is no risk to the consumer if the product is purchased from our official stores. We have created a counterfeit education page where we inform customers that only originals are sold on our two specified websites.

Q: What new projects does Desio have planned in the medium to long term?

A: At Mido we are presenting a line utilizing a material which has never been used for coloured contact lenses before.
It is amazingly comfortable, with a high water content. We will also show new monthly coloured lens designs without a limbal ring, which we believe will be the new success story. A new three-tone concept will also be presented, all under the Attitude by Desio collection. There are also many other ongoing projects that I would like to share with you in the future.

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