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October 24, 2018

Lenses with sparkle

20/20 Europe spoke to Bruno Cornet, CEO, and Pablo Nieto, VP Business Development, Dalloz Creations on the launch of their new STARDUST™ collection.

Q: At SILMO 2018, you have launched new, patented lenses. Explain the concept and technology behind this new development in your collection.

A: Glitter mania has recently reappeared on the catwalks…sparkling features are everywhere: in make-up, fashion, and interior design. Dalloz Creations, the inventors of glitter-effect lenses, decided to pursue this trend by relaunching a new STARDUST™ collection. The collection will meet the needs of our current clients as well as new ones. For the 10th anniversary, we are launching a new edition with an exclusive and unique technology. The Stardust new Edition collection includes various combinations of glitter and Classic colour chosen for their timelessness. This new version of our patented product is even more ‘glittery’ thanks to a concentration that is five times higher than our Classical Stardust technology. Obviously, the glitter is not visible to the wearer thanks to the unique know-how of the company.

Q: Can we expect to see these lenses in the SS19 collections and what particular trend do they compliment?

A: All these lenses are now available for SS19 collections.

Q: The 24k Gold Meye Precious Sharp Gradient was launched last year, has this line also been extended or updated?

A: Last year we launched the Meye Precious Sharp Gradient. This collection has already found its audience. Since then, Dalloz Creations has been working on different versions of its patented range of precious lenses. New developments have emerged:
- Meye Precious Premium, an extremely resistant lens, combined with an exclusive AR and super Hydro/oil, which has been now developed in Nylon.
- Sublimation of the gold rendering and intensification of the brilliance keep and maintain the original precious metal colour.
This brings a technical characteristic to the Meye Precious product because it can significantly reduce reflections, which significantly increases the visual comfort of the wearer. This AR matches perfectly with the complex manufacturing process of a Meye Precious lens. Three versions are now available: 18k Pink Gold, 24k Yellow Gold and Platinum Amber.
We also launched Meye Precious Elegance, for those who prefer a more subtle gold effect but still a shiny sun lenses. Three exclusive, modern, sophisticated colours are available: 24k Yellow Gold, 18k Pink Gold and Platinum White.
Last but not least, our Meye Precious Stardust is the perfect combination of luxury and fashion. It will be noticed in the eyewear industry because we have created the perfect product to match with an innovative process and real pure gold patented coating. Sparkles appear on the lens when the sun is shining.

Q: What has been the feedback and success of this range?

A: Our Meye Precious Range includes value-added and patented products. Dalloz Creations is the only producer in the eyewear industry to offer lenses with precious coatings. Those products comply with all standards. Gold, Platinum and Rhodium coatings are available. Each lens is a pure jewel which can fit with any kind of frame.
Every year, our R&D and Marketing departments work hard to propose original developments with different precious metals or technical specifications. We have - as an example - six Polar lenses made out of pure Gold and Platinum! This is the perfect combination of a technical and design-focused product. Our consistent innovative updates in the Meye Precious range have been the key to its success.

Q: The DALLOZ ranges offer the combination of comfort and protection in a really luxurious fashion context. Comment on this statement.

A: Nowadays, lenses have become an essential element in the design of sunglasses. In this, Dalloz Creations does its best to highlight the lens. Of course, protection and comfort are very important for us. Most of our lenses comply with the three main international standards and are suitable for driving and UV400. We try to offer our clients the best innovative, high value products each year.

Q: Share your plans and expectations for the coming year.

A: We are still working hard to meet the needs of the market.  Our R&D and Marketing Departments develop new lenses each year, in response to customer expectations in terms of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear.  Many new developments are planned for the upcoming year but we cannot provide further details quite yet!

Q: What is your next international trade fair?

A: We will be attending OPTI Munich and we look forward to meeting you there!

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