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Author: Ester Alonso

Interview of the Month
September 26, 2017

Made in France

Dalloz Creations (DC), a pioneer in sunlens production for the high-end market, will celebrate its 60th anniversary in November. In 1996, the French company, which has a strong reputation worldwide, also developed a revolutionary coating for a revolutionary polycarbonate lens known as Cridalon™. Bruno Cornet, current CEO (since October 2016) and Pablo Nieto, VP Business Development (for 7 years), explained the company’s progress.

Q: You have seen four decades of success for your line of premium sunlenses. How could DC achieve this position? 

A: There are numerous reasons that make us deserving of this privileged position. We started with an innovation. We also had know-how, and a multi-skilled team who understood fashion trends and the market’s expectations. Along the way, we have launched new collections on a regular basis – some developed for dedicated markets (sport fashion and luxury). Moreover, a significant proportion of our investment is dedicated to R&D. Innovation drives growth, for our future, and the future of our partners. 

Q: What would you say stands out at Dalloz?

A: Our production standards are higher than international standards. They suit the expectations of numerous luxury and high-end sunglass brands. The exquisite quality of our products is recognized throughout the world. We have exclusive patented coatings and know-how for the production of 24 carat Gold sun lenses, 18 carat Yellow, White and Pink Gold, and White and Amber Platinum. We are Pioneers in injecting and varnishing polycarbonate lenses. DC has continued to answer market needs by developing the Cridal™ product line in 2010: it is 100% compatible with acetate and has excellent resistance to stress cracking. 

Q: What is your relationship like with the market?


A: Customers we work with trust us, and we are proud of our strong, long-term relations with them. We work alongside our partners to help them monitor their choices. We are always looking to optimize the lenses according to the brand, the collection and expectations. We are unique and different in comparison with our real competitors. Thanks to designers with whom we have collaborated over the years, we are always ahead of the trends. For each characteristic of our products, our objective is to be the best in the market. For that purpose, our strategy is: customer satisfaction in order to establish long relationships with our customers, and continued improvement in order to preserve the confidence of our shareholders, motivation and involvement of employees in order to progress and succeed together.

Q: What came first: design or technology? 

A: Both design and technology drive us forward! Since the beginning, the expertise in the field of sunlenses at DC has relied on a desire for constant innovation. This was the case during the 1970s, when the company offered sunglass manufacturers a completely new material: polycarbonate, an unbreakable material that went on to revolutionize the world of optics. DC´s philosophy is underpinned by the desire to transform new ideas into aesthetically pleasing, high performance products, and to actively respond to the major trends of a fast changing market. From ideas, through to injection and coating etc., we manage the whole process internally and in one plant. We are always looking for greater comfort, greater performance and the best aesthetic!

Q: If you had to choose one product/technique to define Dalloz, which one would you highlight?

A: It is difficult to pick out one collection. However our customers love our Luxury Meye precious™ Lenses (our patented real Gold and Platinum coating).

Q: SILMO is a very special edition this year. Describe your relationship with the French fair? 

A: SILMO first took place in Oyonnax, just 30 minutes from Dalloz Creations. In fact, we are located between two major valleys: Plastics valley (Oyonnax), and Frame valley (Morez). We were here from the beginning!

Q: What will DALLOZ present at the fair this year?

A: We are planning to extend our collection in our three markets: Luxury, Fashion and Sport.

Q: Could you give us a prediction about trends in optical technology and fashion?

A: It is very difficult to predict trends. We are seeing a return to the 70’s and 80’s with flat and extra-large lenses in fashion. We will launch real oversized GOLD lenses – responding to the merging of luxury and fashion in eyewear. In sport, different trends will be evident. Dalloz Creations will launch new Sleek lenses, an unbreakable non-scratch lens with state-of-the-art properties.
www.dallozcreations.com / www.meyeprecious.comwww.sleeklenses.com

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