X-IDE from Italy proposes “unusual shapes and colours”

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January 12, 2023

Immagine98 is previewing its brands portfolio ahead of MIDO, with a selection of different lines, packed with personality, expressions of its stylistic signature – always tied in to the latest trends but able to draw inspiration from past fashions, they say. The most well-known collection in their range is X-IDE, synonymous with creative inspiration, bold styling and elegance.
The styles that epitomize the philosophy of this brand include the model Matisse, an oversized acetate style with square lines softened by gold-plated metal temples. This particular style is available in five shades of black, cherry red, blue, green and classic Havana. The Vermeer model is a bold acetate hexagon shape, in colours of black/tortoiseshell to green tortoiseshell, from black/blue to emerald green/grey.


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