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November 13, 2020

Woodys Barcelona proposes new styles combining materials, shapes, and colours to create designer glasses with personality. In the new Chances collection, Woodys offers five models that play with Mazzuchelli Italian acetate with up to four laminates and elegant metallic finishing touches and transparencies that provide modernity and a fresh characteristic look. New model Jellyfish, a metal and Italian acetate frame, is described as a triple front laminate in dusty colours. Inspired by vintage Parisian glamour, it's a very feminine, delicate model with uplifting shape. This range also features model Zebra, an oversized frame with a sinuous shape and trendy colour combination. These glasses combine a metal frame front with double-laminated Italian acetate. In the styles, comfort and ergonomics are two of Woodys' top priorities, so all frames feature adjustable nose pads and German OBE Spike hinges integrated into the temples so as to provide maximum comfort. The brand continues its strong commitment to its men's collection, launching new, bold, and cosmopolitan models, such as model Zizek. These glasses aim to achieve a balance between modernity, elegance, lightness, and ergonomics. The brand has incorporated a new 5-axis hinge adding a touch of colour.


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