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October 11, 2021

With the slogan “We are normal, We are Woodys” the Catalan label is announcing both a new collection and a new image. Looking to a more mature, qualitative, and sophisticated branding style, the WOODYS team aimed at strengthening the brand value it has been building over the years in line with the concepts of sophistication, design, quality, and rebellion at the heart of the project. The brand name has been edited from Woodys Barcelona to Woodys Eyewear reflecting a more global and international brand style.

In addition to a new logo, this change is also accompanied by additional improvements including a new website, new cases and merchandising, as well as a logistics center and sustainable offices, opening mid-2022. The brand also promises a greater focus on sustainability and has introduced bio-acetate into the line and replaced single-use plastics in its packaging with 100% recyclable cardboard, 100% biodegradable plastics, and recycled paper. In this sense, the company says they have made a commitment to making 90% of its packaging recyclable, using cases made from recycled materials and eco-friendly and biodegradable bags.


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