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July 26, 2018

Designed by Yair Neuman

A new eyewear collection has launched in London this season, designed by Yair Neuman and co-founded by Lily Cole. Through the creative use of materials and sustainable design, Wires wishes to challenge “how eyewear is made and worn".

The unisex collection, Wires 2.0, is handmade in a family run business in the Italian Dolomites. Wires uses 3D printing for the lens rims and extruded metal wires for the frames, producing a minuscule amount of waste compared to conventional eyewear manufacturing.

The glasses are made from a single piece of stainless steel wire with an invisible screw-less hinge mechanism which pairs with lens rims in a variety of shapes. The modular approach means that it is possible to change look without buying a whole new pair of glasses, says the designer. Wires 2.0 proposes a range of styles, each one fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses.


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