VERONIKA WILDGRUBER: Silmo releases in VW and Suspense collections

What's on in Europe
September 24, 2022

Independent eyewear designer Veronika Wildgruber has released the new styles Toni and Marvel, which continue in the lineage of the Suspense Collection, a concept which earned Veronika Wildgruber a Silmo d’Or (for the frame Arthur) in 2017. The bridge of these styles is threaded inside the circles of the front, forming a continuous line connecting the temples. The styles are released in chic opaque colours, such as lavender combined with classic havana, to accentuate the concept. A variety of different surface treatments underline the volume of more subtle colour combinations. Also newly released are models Smith and Anderson, sharp, unpolished frame designs defined by blocky volumes. These styles come in elegant colours and colour combinations, and include combined opaque with transparent and matt with shiny surfaces.

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