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November 13, 2020

Synonymous with a clean and pared back minimal style, the Tree Spectacles collections are evidence of the new aesthetic emerging for 2021, where a return to trusted classic shapes and essential design elements come together with a detailed study of pattern, coloration techniques, and the extraordinary effects possible with contrasting materials and finishes. In the Acetate Bold Series by Tree Spectacles, the colours range from delicate transparent pastels through to more intense 1970s inspired autumnal reds, browns and soft aubergine hues. This line is produced in two classic materials, eco-friendly acetate and advanced Japanese titanium. In the timeless Titanium Light Series, the lightweight titanium structures have a subtle finish, and small details define the contemporary design: whether it be a particular twist on the shape, an opening on the front of the frame or a nuance in a colour mix that highlights the pure style and form. Tree Spectacles produce their eyewear collections exclusively in the mountains of Italy in the spectacle-making area of Belluno. Their versatility in working with a wide selection of materials and their desire to achieve artisan perfection in everything they create has helped them to evolve as one of the leading family-owned eyewear companies in the region. 

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