TREE SPECTACLES wins award in Italy

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November 21, 2022

Tree Spectacles has been awarded a Graziella Pagni Eyewear Award 2022 (Design Category) for its model Hal. The Award, which is in its 10th year, is an international eyewear contest dedicated to the world of independent eyewear with a variety of categories for unique and innovative frames.
Model Hal is part of TREE SPECTACLES’ Wabi-Sabi series, a new concept launched this Autumn, which is inspired by the Japanese philosophy which teaches the acceptance of imperfection. The frame is distinguished by its raw and tactile finish, that requires the utmost skill and craftsmanship to achieve, as well as particular technical know-how.
“It’s an honour to be given this recognition in the Graziella Pagni Eyewear Award 2022. The Wabi-Sabi series is one of my personal favourites among our releases this year, and we are more than delighted with the feedback, which is further endorsed by this wonderful prize,” said Marco Barp, Co-Founder, Tree Spectacles, commenting on the achievement. Produced in acetate, the Hal frame has been issued in a variety of colorways which include opaque black, shiny black, opaque red, opaque olive green, opaque rose and crystal rose.

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