THEMA Optical is one of 100 Italian companies to win Sustainability Award


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November 18, 2021

Thema Optical Group, the Italian company specialized in eyewear production, will be rewarded with the inclusion in the Forbes List of the most sustainable 100 Italian companies by Credit Suisse and Kon Group, founders of Sustainability Award. This important result was achieved thanks to its active role in environmental protection, with concrete investments linked to the green and circular economy. The award recognises the Italian companies which have distinguished themselves for their sustainable development, social responsibility, and respect of nature. Several projects have allowed Thema to obtain this important award. Primarily, the group has patented  innovative machinery that can create 100 different items simultaneously, at the same time a traditional one can produce 100 identical items. This allows not only an increase in the production and the elimination of the surplus items in stock, but also removes waste and reduces the carbon footprint. Furthermore, to avoid waste of paper and a physical archive that would take up unnecessary space, order management has been completely digitalized. The sustainability concept pursued by Thema is perfectly in line with the mission carried out by the Sustainability Award because it also includes social and governance aspects. In fact, the group also pays a lot of attention to culture and HR relations, committing itself to eliminating gender bias in the workplace and constantly investing in new generations. Corporate study and research allow the Thema Optical Group to produce unique eyewear, while maintaining high quality standards and respecting the environment

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