THE MOB, the Italian-American mafia-inspired collection by WOODYS

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June 07, 2021

Woodys Eyewear announces their new collection, THE MOB, a range of sunglasses designed for men. The frames are inspired by the mobsters of the Italian-American Cosa Nostra crime scene and some of the most notorious ‘bad guys’ in American pop culture. The line focuses on designs with sleek proportions, with character and a powerful allure. With sophisticated and extravagant milled frames, which boast engraved details on the temples, the collection aims to offer superior quality with a personality captured in each model. Accompanying the frames is a luxury style of packaging that tells the story of the characters that inspired it: Al Capone, Don Carlo Gambino, the capo of the gambling empire Frank Costello, Crazy Joe, Lucky Luciano, the mafia accountant Meyer Lansky and the robber John Dillinger, among others.

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