Sustainability and fashion fuse at MITA

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February 26, 2021

Committed to sustainability, MITA EYEWEAR by Vision of Tomorrow is part of a movement for change, offering eyewear of the future that is both fashionable and green. The brand designs sunglasses and optical frames made from recycled and recyclable materials: plastic from PET bottles and recycled aluminum. Their demo lenses - including the blue block varieties - are biodegradable as well as components and the packaging. The use of bio blue block lenses at MITA is an important step, and achieves a further confirmation of their commitment to sustainability, according to the brand. These lenses are also beneficial to people's wellbeing at a time when screen time is extremely high. Launched in 2020 with their debut line Collezione 1, MITA EYEWEAR is a sustainable concept brand by Vision of Tomorrow (VOT), a consulting and service company in the eyewear sector born from the combined twenty years’ experience of Nora Cabrera (COO) and Fabio Ferracane (CEO) in the eyewear industry.

"We believe that high fashion should not come at the expense of our environment. Through our " Reshape" Philosophy, we are passionately devoted to redefining the relationship between fashion and sustainability through eyewear" 
Fabio Ferracane, CEO at VOT

The brand was created with a vision which grew out of a single alarming fact – that every individual consumes on average 29 litres of water from plastic bottles.  Just 29% of this plastic is recycled in the USA, and just 51% in Europe. The team saw this plastic waste as the key to the concept for creating an eco-friendly collection and MITA was born. Since the launch, Vision of Tomorrow has  been able to demonstrate that recycling is not just an ecological choice, but also a way to increase the value of an object in the eyes of the consumer. The name MITA was created as the union between MI representing Miami, the city where Vision of Tomorrow is based, and ITA for Italy. This name represents an exciting fusion of cultures, on the one side that of the Magic City of the USA and on the other, the quality and longevity offered by Italian craftsmanship and design.

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