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December 06, 2017

New distributor and partnership announced

The Japanese manufacturer MASUNAGA OPTICAL LTD  and the French manufacturer EyeShowroom Diffusion have announced a new partnership with STYLE22, currently distributor in the Benelux for a number of brands including Von Arkel. As from November, STYLE22 is the responsible company for the distribution in the UK of both Masunaga and Masunaga designed by Kenzo Takada.

Commenting on the agreement, announced in November, Hans Zwijsen and Magali Somers, founders of STYLE22 said: “We are delighted to expand our partnering with MASUNAGA and EyeShowroom for the distribution within the UK. We are set to increase our presence in the UK market with these stylish eyewear brands. Together with the current sales agent Sarah Moustafa we will do our utmost to improve the position and the brand awareness of these beautiful brands”.

STYLE22 is responsible for the distribution, invoicing and after-sales as well as marketing. Sales agent Sarah Moustafa remains responsible for order intake, direct communications with the customers and selection of shops per brand.

STYLE22 delivers sophisticated high-end brands that enable the independent opticians in Europe to distinguish themselves. Besides the brands, the business aims to take good care of customer service, distribution and marketing from the office in Breda, The Netherlands.

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