SILMO preview: Fine concept rimless by JFREY

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August 29, 2019

The line of FINE CONCEPT colored metal frames by JFREY is enriched with three new rimless shapes for SILMO release. With an airy and pared down look, the designs aim for originality and singular style with an inventive use of metal. The frames mix metal lines and drilled lenses, to give an "invisible" look to the frames - and a completely different visual identity.
According to the company, Jean-François Rey proposes an original, expert approach to rimless frame design with these three new models made in the designer's own factory, ELLAPS, in the Jura.
The alternative concept is halfway between a full metal frame and a rimless design. The creative structure and the differences in the thickness of the metal are designed to create a “graphic visual rhythm” punctuated by the drill points.

The models include men’s style JF2852 with strict lines superimposed for the double bridge and the more curved and feminine shapes, JF2850 and JF2851. The work achieved in the brightness of the colours gives the metal style and character, achieving a strong graphic feel typical of the Maison Jean-François Rey.

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