SILHOUETTE to end licence
with Adidas and introduce
own-label sports brand

What's on in Europe
June 04, 2019

With more than 55 years of experience in the premium eyewear segment— including over 25 years in the sports eyewear category— Silhouette International is extending its corporate strategy by developing its own sports performance collection as it ends its licence with Adidas.

The company’s technological expertise and chic design has produced many accolades and awards for its adidas-branded sports eyewear. Its Austrian-made products have been the go-to eyewear for Olympic gold medalists, world champions and World Cup winners, according to the company.
From Autumn 2019 Silhouette International will design and make its own-label high-performance sports eyewear at its company headquarters in Linz. Frame and filter technology are being developed to match each other perfectly, producing a new premium sports eyewear collection that will offer quality and precision—including a high degree of work by hand, as this is the only way to guarantee maximum comfort and the perfect fit.
The new sports eyewear collection will be available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and selected retailers in the European Alps region.

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