S-WING: a new entry
at French eyewear
Company OXIBIS Group

What's on in Europe
June 11, 2019

S-WING in the Oxibis collection is a new finely crafted, super-slim design series offering warm two-tone combinations.

Slim structured acetates cleverly slot into metal rims and decorate the end tips. Further accentuating this contrast, the metal front and temples add the ultimate colourful and light-reflecting touch.
The frames are offered in a range of energetic colours, cleverly combined – to highlight the signature features of the Oxibis creative spirit.

Located in France in Morbier in the Jura, Oxibis Group produces a range of eyewear brands which include Oxibis, Eaxlto, Dilem and JOO ly eyewear. The Oxibis line includes rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless designs balancing shape and colour to achieve bright, original easy-to-wear glasses.


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