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May 09, 2017

Adapting to the future

Roundten has announced the launch of the advanced Homeworld Collection, featuring new sunglass styles for men and women at an affordable price. High-tech and designed as a new solution in eyewear, Roundten frames, launched in 2016, are screwless and made of Flextal, a flexible, almost unbreakable steel alloy that is lightweight and extremely strong. The frames are built to last, and are the result of extensive R&D by a team of expert designers, eyewear specialists and entrepreneurs.
Flextal, produced by Roundten with suppliers in Japan and Sweden provides  anversatile frame experience allowing for adjustability and adaptability to achieve an ideal fit on the face, according to the company.
In keeping with the advanced technology in the frame, the Roundten sun lenses are made of high quality polyamide with anti-scratch properties and the ability to repel liquids. A high-tech exclusive hinge system – without welds or screws – ensures that the frames can withstand high pressure without breaking or bending – as well as being easy to glaze.

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