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September 07, 2018

From Hong Kong

Inspired by the culture and crafts of the traditional Hong Kong neighbourhood, Rounder Rounder was launched two years ago.
“The focus is on handcrafting iconic frames with uncompromising quality from fascinating but untamed natural horn,” explains the company, “the brand takes on a mission to bring fashion out of this luxury classic material.

With unique natural colourations, exceptional craftsmanship and extreme lightness, the optical line portrays a luxury, cosmopolitan and authentic style.” Keeping track of the same pursuit of high quality, and the same modernity and authenticity, Rounder Rounder has added a new collection of sunglasses. Made from titanium, with striking silhouettes, the designs offer a combination of simplicity and freshness.
“Now we are focused on the upcoming season with a new design theme - “Flowery Life”, featuring model Sweet Alyssum with seasonal lens colours.
“It is said that the flower Sweet Alyssum protects an individual from heated encounters thus making the name of the flower a perfect match for our one-of-a-kind new S/S frame.”

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