RANDOLPH new campaign set in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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November 06, 2019

US eyewear label Randolph has released its new ad campaigns which showcase new optical and sun styles, designed for the independent thinker who seeks authenticity, the uncommon, and the extraordinary.
The images capture the American spirit, with a nod to the brand’s heritage and an optimistic outlook towards the future.
New lifestyle images portray the laid-back luxury style of Randolph eyewear. One of the photo sessions was held on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
With a perfect beach day as a backdrop, the photos tell a story about a couple arriving in style in a classic 1960s Mustang convertible for a weekend getaway at a cottage on the Cape.
As the sun sets, they enjoy a typical New England clambake by a fire on the beach. 
New optical and sun frames were styled with classic New England autumn and summer pieces to portray the Randolph lifestyle: classic and stylish, comfortable and luxurious. The Randolph frames are paired with swimwear provided by Jill Palese from her Call To Action swimsuit brand as well as pieces from Sh*t That I Knit, a local company from Boston, Massachusetts. 
“We are pleased to have released this new campaign which represents Randolph as an American lifestyle brand. By partnering with other local brands, we were able to showcase our style with classic coastal America as a backdrop,” said Antonio Izzo, VP of Global Marketing.


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